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Music education is one of Gina's greatest passions. She has been teaching music for over 20 years and received her Bachelor of Education in 2022. Gina loves to run group workshops especially in improvisation, Klezmer and Swing Manouche styles. She aims to inspire all ages to connect with their inner knowing and creativity though music.

In addition to music, Gina also teaches yoga, musician wellness classes and death education workshops. Gina has given workshops internationally through numerous organizations 

On tour, Gina incorporates youth and community engagement in every place she travels. 

Please contact Gina if you’d like her to facilitate a community engagement, a small group session, or a private lesson.


"I feel privileged to do this work. It's a way of opening the mind and ears to sounds and silence. The sound of the wind in the trees is as much music as the sounds coming from my violin. Music is a way to express emotions, connect with others, create an atmosphere, enjoy a party, meditate, and engage in politics. Ultimately it is a way to be in the here and now and enjoy being human."

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